Space Buns Hair Tutorial

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I wanted to bring a new, fun hairstyle trend that I’m absolutely gushing over. Check out this extraterrestrial hair look below.

Space Buns Hair Tutorial

Note: This post was originally posted on Hello Giggles, by yours truly.


With ’90s trends still in full effect, it’s easy to understand why we’re stumbling upon the space buns hairstyle on Pinterest. The iconic do – worn on the big screen by Carrie Fisher and then recreated in the 1990’s by Gwen Stefani and the Spice Girls – is seriously out of this world.

This extraterrestrial hairdo has us singing “my anaconda don’t want none unless you’ve got buns, hun!”

Whether you’re feeling pumped up about Star Wars: Rogue One and having major Princess Leia vibes, or just looking for a music festival inspired hairstyle, the double bun trend is the way to go. It’s effortless, easy and crazy cute.

Here’s an easy space bun tutorial that will help you achieve this magical hair look. But before we get started, turn on “Spiderwebs” by No Doubt and unleash your inner ’90s Gwen Stefani.

What you’ll need:

Space Buns Hair Tutorial

Bobby pins
4 Hairband

Step 1: Brush out all of your tangles

Space Buns Hair Tutorial

Don’t worry about your hair being full of volume! My hair tends to get frizzy after I brush it out but, this will work in your favor in the end.

Step 2: Part your hair

Space Buns Hair Tutorial

Because this is such a playful look, you can create any kind of part that you desire. I parted my hair in a zig zag style in the front and went with a simple middle part in the back. Basically, party in the front and business in the back.

Step 3: Separating your hair and creating pigtails

Space Buns Hair Tutorial

For this step, try keeping your parts separate. I used my brush to help me create a side ponytail. I made sure to keep my pigtails high up towards the front part of my head that way the buns are the main attraction! Repeat this step on the other side.

Step 4: Tease your hair

Space Buns Hair Tutorial

To add volume to my double buns, I teased my hair after I put them in pigtails. The more teased your hair is, the more full your buns will look. Repeat this step for the other part.

Step 5: Twist your hair and roll it up in a bun

Space Buns Hair Tutorial

After you’ve teased your mane to your heart’s desire, twist your hair and roll it up to create a bun. Again, have fun with this look. I decided the messier the bun, the cuter it would be. Repeat this step for the other part.

Step 6: Almost done!

Space Buns Hair Tutorial

Once you’ve twisted your hair and rolled it up into a bun, add your second set of ponytail holders. Because I have thick hair I need extra hairbands but if you’d like, you can just add bobby pins to hold your buns in place.

Step 7: Finishing touches

Space Buns Hair Tutorial

Add your favorite hairspray or texture spray to keep your out–of–this world space buns in place all day.

Step 8: The finished look

Space Buns Hair Tutorial

Now you’re ready to conquer the world with this adorable hairdo.


How I Keep My Hair Healthy

Hi babes!

How I Keep My Hair Healthy

How I Keep My Hair Healthy

How I Keep My Hair Healthy

How I Keep My Hair Healthy

How I Keep My Hair Healthy

How I Keep My Hair Healthy

How I Keep My Hair Healthy

How I Keep My Hair Healthy

How I Keep My Hair Healthy

So we all want that Serena van der Woodsen hair, right? I know I do! I get asked a lot about my hair – how do you keep it healthy? What products do you use? etc. The truth is, I don’t do much. Yes, I like to use certain brands and products, but I also try to stay away from heating it everyday. I try to keep my mane in its natural wavy style as much as possible.

Oh yeah, I’ve also NEVER colored my hair. Seriously. I have virgin hair, and so I think that my locks are healthy because I’ve never added chemicals to it. However, if you have colored your hair, I’m hoping that the products I mention will help your hair feel soft and smooth, too!

Hair Secrets:

How I keep my hair healthy

Shampoo Conditioner: First off, most people (and hairstylists) will say that you don’t need to wash your hair everyday, but personally I just can’t do that. I’ve tried in the past, and my hair just feels gross and greasy. I also don’t like the idea of putting dry shampoo on as a substitute for actual shampoo. Again, that’s just me.

I like to switch up my shampoo/conditioner because you never want your hair to get used to one product. Right now, I’m using the Pantene Pro-V Moisture Renewal Shampoo/Conditioner. Before, I was using the Herbal Essence Body Envy Volumizing Shampoo that gave my hair fuller waves. Right now, I’m more focused on giving my hair moisture and hydration. That’s why I love switching up my products because I can give my mane tender, love, and care in so many ways. I usually like to buy the same brand conditioner as my shampoo. I just like having the same products going on my hair as opposed to having it all mixed up.

I do deep condition my hair every 3 days, so I’ll skip Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, then I’ll deep condition on Tuesday. Make sense? I love the Schwarzkopf Essence Ultimate Repair Moisture Treatment. My hair feels 100x softer and smoother after using this. My mane is also shiny, and it looks soooooo healthy.

(*Disclaimer* – I was sent a few Schwarzkopf products, and I absolutely fell in love with their hair treatment product! I wasn’t asked to include their products in a post but I wanted to share them with you because it has truly helped my hair).

Styling: When I’ve styled my hair too much, I like to add argan oil only on the ends of my locks. Since I get split ends and it’s more damaged in that area, I like to give it a little extra love and care. I’ve been loving the Josie Maran argan oil, which is actually a body oil, but I like to use it for my hair too! This one is currently sold out, but there are similar oils sold at Sephora and Ulta.

I’m obsessed with Garnier Fructis Styling Sleek and Shine Flat Iron Perfector Mist for those days when my hair just needs protection from my curling wand or straightener. I love the smell and how weightless the product is. Most heating sprays make my hair stiff and I love that this drugstore product makes my hair feel like I’ve added a light layer of protection.

Once I’m done styling my hair, I like adding either Garnier Fructis Texture Tease spray or the Not Your Mother’s She’s a Tease Volume spray. Not only do these products give my hair life, but they help my waves and curls last throughout the day! I just feel like Selena Gomez when I spray these products. It adds volume and it gives me the tousled hair look.

After I apply the texture spray, I’ll add the OGX Argan Oil or OGX Keratin Oil to give my hair shine. It also tames the fly-aways. I try not to apply too much or else my mane will look greasy. I’m beyond obsessed with these sprays because they truly give my hair life! I love the smell too!

I hope these tips help you!



Beauty Review: Pantene Expert Hydration Shampoo/Conditioner


Hi dolls!

Just a reminder that I received this product to test for free, but all opinions are my own.

Product: Intense Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner: $3.99-$5.99

  • Shampoo = 9oz
  • Conditioner = 8oz

I fell in looooove with this product. 🙂 Both the shampoo and conditioner didn’t dry out my thick Latina hair. Instead, it gave me shine, fullness, and softness to my brunette tresses. I feel like these products made my hair healthier, even when I curled or straightened it. I seriously felt like Selena Gomez in the new Pantene commercials. The product claims to treat dry hair, and it SERIOUSLY does!!

Although I love this product soooo much, I do think it’s a bit pricey for the amount of product you’re getting. They are priced at most stores for $5.99 (even though the website says prices start at $3.99, I have yet to see that) but you’re only getting about 8oz or 9oz. It’s worth noting that the Herbal Essences Hydration Shampoo/Conditioner, which treats dry hair also, is $6-$7 (sometimes even $4.99!!!) and you’re getting 23oz.

I still think the Pantene Intense Hydration product is worth trying if you’re in desperate need of shiny, healthier looking hair. Like I said, I love it! I just wish it was cheaper.







I hope you enjoyed this post! If you’ve tried this product, I want to hear your thoughts!


5 Products I Regret Buying

Hi dolls!

I know I can’t be the only one who regrets buying beauty products. Most of the time I buy on impulse and hope that I love the product. It does happen and I love being surprised. But sometimes you pick up a few pieces that just didn’t cut it or didn’t compliment your skin type. 

I’m sharing beauty products I regret buying, and if you’re anything like me (skin type wise) then you might want to keep these items out of your cart.

Side Note: Although, I’m expressing how I didn’t like these products, it’s really about knowing your skin, your beauty routine and what works best for you.

  1. E.l.f Perfect Blend Concealer: $2.00
  2.  NYX Baked Blush + Illuminator + Bronzer: $6.99
  3. Maybelline Master Glaze Blush Stick: $9.99
  4. Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti-Aging Daily Moisturizer: $19.99
  5. Tresemme Expert Selection Max the Volume Root Lifting Cream: $6.99

5. Okay, so aside from the fact that this concealer is not a light beige, or doesn’t match my skin color, it has a dark finish. It gets darker over time as it sets in, so you look like you don’t know how to apply makeup. I really hate that this concealer is extremely liquidy. It takes about three dips to actually get a decent amount of product on the applicator and onto your face. It slides right through your problem areas that you want to conceal and really moves when you apply foundation or powder. I didn’t like the way the product felt on my face, mostly because it is so liquidy, and I felt like I was applying grease and water onto my skin. This is a cheap product and that’s exactly what you’re getting. It kills me to say that because I think e.l.f. makes great makeup items that are affordable, but this one just didn’t cut it.

4. Normally pink blushes/illuminators work really well with my skin tone, but this one applies on very patchy. I mean, this blush makes my hand look like I have patches of red skin or a rash around that area (not cute!). It takes about 2-3 rubs to actually get the product on your brush, and the worst part is that it doesn’t apply evenly on your skin. It’s not very pigmented, either. Fo a blush that can be an illuminator, it doesn’t do much illuminating. I don’t understand how this blush can also be a bronzer? Maybe if I purchased a darker shade it can act as a bronzer? Not sure, but either way I hated the quality of the powder and how it applies. I don’t think it’s worth $7 at all.

3. For $10, this blush stick really doesn’t come with much product at all. Look at that little stub! So aside from this being overpriced for the amount of blush you get, it also applies patchy. Look at my hand. Look at how dark and deep the color is on one side while the other part of my hand looks like it’s been stained with wine. This blush also moves around when you apply foundation or powder, which makes your cheeks look really weird since it already applies uneven. It’s not blendable, either. This product would probably work best on someone who doesn’t wear makeup and wants to add a touch of color to their skin. However, I the color is absolutely gorgeous. I don’t really want to throw $10 down the drain, so I’ll probably use this blush as lipstain with a touch of gloss on my lips. I wouldn’t waste any more money on this product.

2. Okay, this purchase is really on me knowing that it wouldn’t work for my skin, but really hoping that it would. So first off, if you have dry skin, you’re going to love this product. If you have oily skin and sensitive skin like me, don’t waste your money on this. The lotion is thick and creamy and will likely clog your pores. It will make you sooooo oily and you’ll just want to take off the gunk you feel on your face. The fragrance in this bottle is very strong and it made my skin irritated. I broke out and got a small rash. I think they sell a non-fragrance moisturizer, but I’m not going to try it out to find out how if it will react differently to my skin (Sorry!). I’ve learned that anti-aging moisturizers just don’t do well with my skin type and cleansers with anti-aging ingredients work better. I was definitely sold on this product because it’s Olay and because it’s an anti-aging moisturizer, but I don’t think my skin liked the lotion at all. I also don’t think it’s bad to start using anti-aging products, because prevention is KEY! But, paying attention to your skin type is also just as important. I really regret buying this product because it was expensive and I should’ve known better.

1. This is a product I really wanted to love and I just didn’t. I’m obsessed with products that treat your hair, make it look volumized, and leave your hair feeling healthy. This cream is not one of those hair products. This product is supposed to be applied before blow drying your hair and styling and I just don’t got time for all of that. I regret not reading the back of the bottle because I wouldn’t have bought this cream. I did try it as the instructions said to. I applied it to my hair and I noticed when I was blow drying it that the cream was still thick and it didn’t sink into my hair. My hair felt so sticky and gel-like that I had to shower. You can’t even run your fingers through your hair without feeling the thick cream. I wouldn’t even say that it added volume to my hair, either. It almost weighed down my curls and made them flat. I think this product works best for someone who has short hair and needs to style it every day. It would probably work best for someone who needs a cream to help with the hair and heat damage. I’m just not one of those people. I really thought this cream would make my hair looking like the Kardashians or like Selena Gomez but my hair ended up looking like I hadn’t washed out the gel from the night before. I regret buying this product the most, and was really bummed that it didn’t fulfill my hair desires.


I hope this helped! Let me know what products you regret buying, so I can save myself some money in the future. LOL Share in the comments below! 

My Easy Wavy Hair Routine

Hi readers!

Today I wanted to share with y’all my tips and tricks to getting the perfect wavy hair. Before breaking down my routine, I want to just say that I do not curl or straighten my hair everyday. When you constantly flat iron your hair, curl it, or blow dry it, the heat causes major damage.

Having fried hair is not cute. Let your hair rest a bit. Let it be in its natural state. Now, if you’re saying ‘Alyssa my hair is a frizzy mess!’ or ‘Alyssa I cannot go out in public with my natural hair.’ YES YOU CAN! You should totally embrace your natural hair and let it breath. I’m not saying you shouldn’t use hair products to manage your mane. I use volumizing hairspray when I don’t plan on fixing it. I also like to accessorize my hair with cute clips or headbands.

So now that I’ve gone over the boring stuff, let’s get started with my hair routine!


I’ve gotta be honest here, this is not my natural hair. It’s actually pretty wavy, but I haven’t washed it in a day (I know super gross, but when I do go a day without washing my hair, my curls last longer). Sometimes I’ll brush my hair before curling it to get out all the tangles. If I’m in a real rush, I’ll skip the brush. Also, please excuse my bathroom lighting!


Next, I’ll part my hair. If you want big waves, part your hair into larger portions (if that makes sense). If I want bigger waves, I’ll usually only part my hair three times – a bottom, middle and top. If you want small waves, make smaller parts. I’m going to show you my bigger waves look.

I personally like curling my hair with my flat iron. I know. I’m so 2009. I just love the way my Chi Ceramic Hairstyling Iron curls my hair more than the curling irons I’ve tried.

This is going to be a bit confusing to explain so I hope I do it well. When I’m curling my right side, I curl my hair outwards. Think of it as hand cranking in a forward motion.


For the left side I rotate my hands in the opposite direction as the right side. Think of it as hand cranking in a backwards motion.

So by this time I’ve repeated the process two times, with two different parts (bottom and middle). For my bangs, I like to curl smaller sections that are about one inch.


Once you’ve curled your hair, run your fingers through to create a more relaxed and effortless look.


You can’t complete a great look without some hairspray to keep it looking cute the entire day! I love the Not Your Mothers brand. I use more of a volumizing spray rather than a strong hold. I purchased the Not Your Mothers: She’s A Tease spray at ULTA Beauty. If I want a stronger hold, I like to use Garnier Fructis De-constructed Texture Tease. Both hairsparys add volume and a sexy tousled look. Plus, they both smell fun and fruity!


Almost done! I forgot to mention that sometimes I like to sprtiz the Kenra Platinum Thickening Spray. It not only smells great, but it does help keep my curls in place while also adding volume. I also feel like it protects my hair a bit from heat damage. This brand is pretty pricey but I haven’t found a cheaper product that gives me the same satisfaction. When I do find one, I will definitely share.


Finish your look with some coffee!


Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know if you’d like to see more beauty routines!


Girl Talk: What My Short Hair Made Me Realize



When I chose to cut my hair, for more important reasons than outer beauty, a.k.a looks, I did it because I thought it would lift my spirits. I assumed that cutting my hair would also cut away my inner demons, but it only created more. It created more insecurities, mostly because of what thought society would think of me. It made me question my femininity. It made me question my appearance to the opposite sex. And most of all, it made me question how I felt about myself.

These personal issues came all because I cut my hair. How silly and insane is that?! I realized that through this haircut, I had a new and different perspective on society, on life and on myself. I wasn’t going to allow myself to fall victim to my once impulsively thrilling haircut.

This idea that women are beautiful based on long hair is bullshit. It’s honestly sad that most women would ask me in their “overly concerned” tones and ask “why I cut my beautiful long hair?” As if my hair defined me. As if I were only beautiful with long hair, when ironically, I felt more sexy and mature with my short, high fashionable haircut. That’s when I realized my appearance to men hadn’t really changed. My appearance to women did. They judged me. They pitied me.

I believe that in order for someone, especially a woman, to truly find her inner voice and to truly understand who she is, they must do something extreme. Something beyond their comfort zone that allows them to adapt into something that once seemed impossible. I think as humans and as young, curious adults we should push the boundaries and enter something that feels uncomfortable in order to experience the transformation of our creation. That way when we experience something completely and entirely new it will remain a memory, an unforgettable one.

My short hair has taught me to take more risks. It has allowed me to grow along with it. It has given me the gift of seeing my transformation as it blossoms into a new shape than what it was before. It has taught me to focus on myself. Most of all, it has given me the experience of growing as I follow my path of understanding and transformation as a 20-year-old.