Life After College: A Collection of Thoughts One Week After Graduation


My whole life I’ve known what was going to happen next. After elementary comes middle school after middle school comes high school and after high school comes college. BUT, after college comes….. ummm I HAVE NO IDEA!

I have an idea of the kind of job I want, but finding it and actually getting it, is another story. What if I land a job that I end up hating? How will I work for 5 days a week when I could barely work 3 for my internship?

The thing is… I’m scared of the unknown. I absolutely hate not knowing.

These are how I spent my days one week after graduation:

Day 1: Sunday

Did nothing but sleep, clean and eat. I slept in, cleaned up a bit of my mess, unpacked some of my stuff, showered and ate Torchy’s Tacos (the best meal EVER). I even watched The Matrix, a movie I had never seen, watched a couple of Mindy Project episodes, and went grocery shopping. Boring. I’ve become so boring. I did nothing, nada, zip. I guess I better enjoy it before I have to start working full time.

Day 2: Monday

I woke up at noon. It felt great to not hear the sound of an alarm pounding in my ear. I showered, and made myself breakfast/lunch, which was a healthy choice of strawberries and apples cut up into little baby slices. I took off two movies that were on my Netflix list, which felt like a relief. After watching Drinking Buddies, I started looking into housing in Los Angeles, and was quickly disappointed and distraught. The prices are ridiculous. Who can seriously afford to pay $2,000 a month? Crap. So I immediately turned to food for some comfort and finished my boyfriend’s Chips Ahoy. I felt even more terrible for stress eating, and feeling like a fatty, I decided to make soup. I looked at the number on the scale, and to my surprise, it brightened my day. I had more room for cookies. When my boyfriend finally came home from work, we watched Twin Peaks and afterwards, I went to Marshalls to find some  perfume. Body spray quickly fades, and since I’m entering the working world soon, I figured it’s time to buy grown up perfume. I also bought cozy socks. The boyfriend and I also played a new Laura Croft video game, which I think is my new favorite. I ate a midnight snack, a grilled cheese sandwich to refuel my engine from all that gaming. I weighed myself  again, and it was still surprisingly an okay number. I’ve officially become a bum who just eats, sleeps, and repeats.

Day 3: Tuesday

 Woke up even later today… at 1 pm. In order to feel productive, I did some laundry and caught up on American Horror Story: Freakshow. The episodes were fantastic! I felt like a loser though after binge watching tv and decided to get my life together, kinda. I researched entertainment broadcast journalists and read their biography’s to see what jobs they gained after college. Being a journalist is so hard. There’s no solid path and everyone has a different journey, with different experiences that led them to where they are today. I learned that some journalists started in small markets while others were lucky enough to land something in a large market. Now I’m stuck on whether or not I should start small or start big. I guess I should write some pros and cons. I ate Jimmy Johns today, which is my favorite chain so that was probably the best thing that happened to me today.

Day 4: Wednesday

Today started out differently, I woke up early and by early I mean at 11:30. I had lunch with my boyfriend at Chipotle (delicious) and I was in such a great mood that I went thrift shopping. I found myself a faux fur coat for $6.99. Probably the greatest purchase ever.


Day 5: Thursday

I decided that enough was enough. I started researching broadcast paths. I came across an article featuring Catt Sadler, the E! News correspondent that really inspired me to chase my dreams and to work hard for  them. I also stumbled across an article featuring Alex Curry, which highlighted her broadcast path, too. There was something so reassuring and motivational from reading their stories and learning about their experiences. I feel inspired and I feel driven to reach my goals to become an entertainment TV reporter. Stay tuned for some of my new ideas! Also, Catt Sadler retweeted and replied to my tweet, which feels like a sign that everything is going to work out and fall into place.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 2.02.28 PM

Day 6: Friday

I continue to wake up at noon, and at this point, I don’t care. I love sleeping. I decide it’s time to spruce up my blog. I figure out which web themes fit my personality and blog aesthetic  the most and finally come across one that makes me feel happy. I add a new blog post about Lena Dunham and I add school projects on my blog, too. Today we’re celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday at Bangers, the best sausage place in Austin. We play Cranium with his friends, and I am on FIRE! This entire night makes me feel like everything is going to be all right.

Day 7: Saturday

My boyfriend and I ate at Mighty Fine, which is a great burger place. Maybe my new job should be to write about food. I love food, and I’ve missed Austin restaurants so much since I’ve been in L.A. We head to Austin Trail of Lights and everything is magical and charming. At night, I can’t help but feel like a bum. This entire week I’ve slept late, probably binge watched too many shows and ate way too much. I ask my boyfriend if he thinks I’m being a bum, and he reassures me that this is the only time I’m going to have to relax before I start working for the rest of my life. I take a deep breath, close my eyes and fall asleep.