Selena Quintanilla: Dreaming of You

Y’all I could cry writing this post.


Selena touched so many lives and hearts and that’s why I still get emotional just thinking about her. Her music is legendary, her style continues to be seen in trends today and her talent was truly one of a kind.


I love celebrity culture so much that I’m making a career out of it but I’ve never felt so passionate or connected to a celebrity as much as I have with Selena. Her personality was infectious and she made her fans feel like they were part of her family.


I didn’t cry when David Bowie died and I didn’t shed a tear when we lost Prince. It wasn’t because I never listened to their music, but I just never felt connected to them. With Selena, I cry just watching old interviews. I need a box of tissues when I listen to her music and hear the way fans talk about her.


Selena was my first real role model (well, first celebrity role model). I was 3-years-old when she passed away, but you better believe that this little sassy Latina was rocking bedazzled skirts and vests sown by my grandma and I was already singing her songs with my grandma’s tortilla roller.

I’m from Southwest Texas, so Selena was OUR jam.


She was the person who gave Latinos hope that we could aspire to be anything. She paved the way and put us on the map. In fact, she was so beloved that People Magazine discovered the Spanish market was a profitable one after completely selling out their Selena tribute issue.


I really wish Selena was still alive today. I know she would’ve had a successful fashion line, makeup collection and movie career. I’m just glad her impact has been so powerful that one of her dreams came true.

Mac cosmetics learned that when Latinos are passionate and excited about something, we put our heart and soul into it. They made the Mac x Selena collection after her fans urged the company to create the makeup line. Now that the line is out, I can’t even get my hands on it!


If it weren’t for Selena, I’m not sure we would have Eva Mendes, Eva Longoria, Sofia Vergara or all of the great Latinas dominating Hollywood right now. She broke the mold and inspired us to embrace our heritage, curves and passions.


She put Latinos in the spotlight and she gave us hope that we think big and turn our dreams into a reality with hard work, strong values, and courage. She was such a magnetic force that I know she would still be more popular than ever – I mean, she still is after all of these years.


This is my little tribute to Selena, and I hope that I can get my fingers on her makeup collection. Stay tuned for more Selena tributes and tutorials.

P.S: While these images are not new, I did want to compile all of my Selena inspired makeup looks/outfits for this post. She has seriously meant so much to me. ❤

This is my all time favorite Selena song:




Selena Gomez Inspired Makeup Look

Hi dolls!

We all know that Selena Gomez is a babe. She can make sweat pants and a tee look dazzling. She isn’t the most followed person on Instagram for nothing! I hate to say this, but ever since she dumped Justin Bieber, I’ve started liking her a lot more. Now, this might be a coincidence because my last post was a makeup inspired look from Jojo Fletcher from The Bachelorette, and not only is she a Texas girl like me and Selena BUT she’s from Dallas. We all know Selena is from the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area (well, maybe most Texans do!). Maybe I’m just in  a weird mood where Texas gals are giving me major boss babe vibes!

Selena Gomez Inspired Makeup Look

Let’s get to the good stuff! I stumbled across one of Selena’s older Insta posts, and couldn’t help but fall in love with her makeup look. It was glamor meets effortless. Her sun-kissed glow and smokey eye really inspired me to recreate the beautiful look. I think it’s perfect for the summer time, and it’s especially great for a fun night out!

Selena Gomez

Because Selena is a tad bit more morenita (darker) than me, mama had to bronze it up! I can’t complain. I love a great bronzer in the Spring/Summer time. I tried something completely different with my eyes, and used very little eyeliner. I mostly lined my bottom lids with eyeshadow and mascara. I really wanted to let my cheekbones steal the show.

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Selena Gomez Inspired Makeup Look


Selena Gomez Inspired Makeup Look

Selena Gomez Inspired Makeup Look

Selena Gomez Inspired Makeup Look

Selena Gomez Inspired Makeup Look

*I tried recreating Selena’s Insta post… didn’t work out that well.*

Selena Gomez Inspired Makeup Look

Selena Gomez Inspired Makeup Look

Selena Gomez Inspired Makeup Look

Constance Zimmer (From ‘UnReal’) Makeup Inspired Look

Hi dolls!

Lifetime’s UnReal season 2 airs tonight and I am beyond excited! Can you tell? I mean, I even created a makeup inspired look by one of the boss babes on the show – Constance Zimmer. She is one chingona (badass!) that you don’t want to mess with. She is the definition of a #girlboss and with perfect black hair like hers, it’s no wonder she’s a badass. She did do some messed up stuff in the first season of UnReal, but her Blair Waldorf attitude is what I LOVE about her.

Constance Zimmer Makeup Look

I decided to take one of her more edgier red carpet looks and recreate my own makeup look. If one thing rings true, it’s that I feel like a boss babe when I’m wearing red lipstick. Pucker up!

Constance Zimmer Makeup Look

I really love that she made her eyeliner dark and messy. It added more of an edge to her bold lip color. I also like that she used a gold shadow because it created a softness around her eyes. The shadow is very subtle, but it’s just enough to bring the look together. This makeup look made me feel like a true boss babe! I dare anyone to mess with you while your rock a red pout.

I hope you enjoy this post! Besitos!

Constance Zimmer Makeup Look

Constance Zimmer Makeup Look

Constance Zimmer Makeup Look

Constance Zimmer Makeup Look

Constance Zimmer Makeup Look

Constance Zimmer Makeup Look

Constance Zimmer Makeup Look

Constance Zimmer Makeup Look

Constance Zimmer Makeup Look


California Dreaming: Living in Los Angeles

Exactly one year ago today, during Easter weekend, I packed my bags and drove halfway across the country. I was following a dream and taking one of the biggest risks of my life. Would I make it in LA? Or would I come crawling back to Texas? I chose to leave my home, my family, and friends to pursue a career in entertainment journalism. I wanted to be the girl who interviewed celebrities at movie premieres. I knew that I needed to be in Hollywood.

It hasn’t been easy. AT ALL.


The first day moving into our apartment.

James Cameron, the director of Avatar, lived out of his car when he moved to Los Angeles. Even though I haven’t had to rough it out like James, it’s still been tough. I don’t really like talking about it because I hate being a stereotype. I also don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me. However, if my year in review gives you the inspiration to follow your dreams, then I want to share my experience.

About two weeks before making the big move, my boyfriend and I didn’t know where we were going to live. I’m serious. We were almost homeless. No one in LA wanted to rent us a place because we hadn’t seen the apartment beforehand or because the landlords hadn’t met us. It was extremely stressful and I had so many breakouts (and breakdowns) during those two weeks. Luckily, we found an affordable apartment that was in a great area (by affordable I mean $1600 for a one bedroom/one bath. WELCOME TO LA!!!).

The night I interviewed Gina Rodriguez at the Chateau Marmont.

The night I interviewed Gina Rodriguez at the Chateau Marmont.

When I first arrived, I was really nervous. I don’t have any family in California. I only knew a handful of people, and most of them had already made their own friends and connections. It was a weird couple of months. Even after a year, I’m still not used to LA. To be honest, there are times when I don’t think I made the right decision. Sometimes I feel like I came to LA too early in my career. There are moments when I feel incompetent. Even worse, I still get insecure. However, I’ve learned that you can’t compare yourself to others. You just can’t. The more you focus on other people, the more you set yourself back.

The worst feeling in the world is thinking that you’re so great at what you do, and then you meet about 1,000 people who are just as great. I feel like Homer Simpson when he tells Bart, “No matter how good you are at something, there’s always about a million people better than you.” It can definitely feel like that when you live here. I have to remind myself that I’m just as good, if not better, as anyone else. My motto is – “Why not me?” If I don’t believe in myself, what makes me think someone else will? This is a tough business, so you have to give people a reason to take a chance on you.


California Dreamin’

I’m not gonna lie, until Feb. 2016, money was tight. Thank the Lord for blessing me with an incredible job!!! But for a whole year, I was pretty much broke. I felt like a loser most of the time. I didn’t have the money to go out for brunch or hit up clubs with friends. If anything, when I did do those things, it was considered a luxury. People asked if I saw any “cool” places in LA, but the truth is I didn’t have the money to explore. Thank God my parents helped me. I don’t think I would’ve survived without their support. Money was so tight I had to prioritize my spending – Did I want to spend money on $8 drinks or did I need to use that money for tampons? I know people have it way worse, and again, I feel blessed that my parents helped me, but I definitely had to limit my spending. I wasn’t living a glamorous life AT ALL.

I learned so much about myself this past year. I appreciate the little things, and feel so blessed to have a job where I don’t have to worry as much. I’m not banking, but I’m definitely not penny pinching.

I’ll never forget that I was able to meet and interview Gina Rodriguez. I ran into Jamie Chung at my grocery store, and saw Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis at my UPS store. I also attended the same event as Kim Kardashian, and worked at several star-studded parties. I even got hit on by Jeremy Piven. Those are just a few cool experiences I’ve had, and I can’t wait to make more memories.

A year later, I’m feeling so blessed to work with incredibly talented and fearless people. My bosses seriously inspire me everyday. I’m proud to say that I’m actually an entertainment writer. I’m doing what I love and it makes me so happy. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my boyfriend, parents, best friend, and every person who kept encouraging me. I truly appreciate everything y’all have done for me.

At Pump Restaurant!

At Pump Restaurant!

Things I’ve Learned (and I’m still working on):

  1. Don’t compare yourself to anyone!
  2. Be confident in whatever you do.
  3. Help others because you will need help.
  4. Follow your dreams, no matter how challenging it can be.
  5. It’s okay to cry – but crying isn’t productive, so you have to make up for lost time.
  6. Always be kind.
  7. Keep challenging yourself.
  8. Keep working on your craft.
  9. Never stop looking for the perfect tacos.
  10. Dream big!

Despite facing several challenges my first year in LA, I wouldn’t change it for the world.


5 Things I Learned from Amy Poehler’s Book


1. “Writing is hard”

Writing is hard. I love that Amy hits us with the cold, hard truth. Her writing is vibrant, charming and captivating. From her struggles to her success, she keeps you engaged and enlightened the entire time. As a writer, I feel inspired knowing I’m going to have a writing adventure, but I’m also no fool. I know I’m going to be challenged every damn day. It will all be worth it, right? Because in the end, Amy still has a book, a best selling one. I hope this first paragraph is interesting… if it isn’t, it just proves Poehler’s theory that writing is hard.

2. “I think we should stop asking people in their twenties what they ‘want to do’ and start asking them what they ‘don’t want to do.'”

I can relate to this quote on so many levels. I’ve recently graduated (so scary!) and I’m tired of answering the same old, boring questions about whether or not I’ve found a job. Let me tell you something, it’s really difficult to find an ENTERTAINMENT job, let alone during the holidays. I’m sorry. I’m cool. I’m pretty stressed out about finding a job that fits my degree. But, like Amy, I’m a power lady, and I know something will come up. As Amy told her parents when she ventured out to Chicago with only a dream and college degree, “you can be a waitress anywhere!”

Look at her now.


3. “Be Whoever You Are”

I admire anyone who preaches individuality. In high school, I admired (still do but not as much) Megan Fox, and I desperately wanted to be like her, like desperately. But reality is a cruel, cruel beast when you realize that looking like Megan Fox is going to be a failed quest. I just want to be the petite, clumsy, brown-eyed, black-haired, fair-skinned Latina. I’ve learned to accept my imperfections and have grown to love them. I don’t want to replicate any celebrity, or become the “next” whoever, instead I just want to be the one and only me.

4. Take Risks

Amy shared her story of moving to Chicago straight out of college, which resembles a little bit of my story too as I plan to move to LA. She had no idea how she was going to afford living there (well, she planned to be a waitress as mentioned before) but she moved anyway to pursue her passion. Moving so far away from home is going to be scary and lonely (good thing my boyfriend is coming with me). Not knowing where I’ll be working is tough and terrifying, and most of all, not knowing how I’m going to afford it is stressful. But, I know that LA is the place I need to be in order to fulfill my dreams. I guess I’ll just have to wing it and work hard to be successful like Amy.

5. “Change is the ONLY Constant”

Change is inevitable. If anything I know that all too well. As a recent graduate, I’m embarking on a new chapter in my life. Even though I feel I’m not ready for this change, it’s happening anyway. It’s time for me to start making “grown up” decisions about where I’m going to work and where I’m going to live. Change can be good though. I feel that it’s finally time to live out one of my dreams, which is to live in LA. I’m eager and thrilled to see where my new adventure takes me.


More wisdom from Amy.