5 Lifestyle and Beauty Hacks Everyone Should Know

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If you’re like me and you like saving time and money then keep on reading! This is post for you because I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite lifestyle and beauty hacks that every girl (and boy) should know! Why throw out your mascara when you can get a few more uses out of it? Forgot your brow gel while you were on vacation? … I’ve got you covered honey!

5 Lifestyle Hacks


Keep on reading babes. xoxo!

5 Lifestyle Hacks

  • For mascara that’s drying out – add 3 drops of contact solution. Shake the mascara tube that way the solution mixes with the product. After you’ve given it a good shake, check the wand to see if it has the liquid you desire. If you aren’t satisfied, then add a few more drops to the tube. This should last you a few weeks before you need to hit up your local beauty store! 😉

5 Lifestyle Hacks

  • Okay, so this one is a little bit random, but beyond helpful. I have a small head, and huge glasses. Therefore, they fall down. Not comfortable at all. My solution: Tie small hair bands around the back part of the temple or temple tips. I placed mine after the loop meant to hug your ear and it works like a charm!

5 Lifestyle Hacks

  • Forgot your brow gel? I have the perfect solution! Grab your favorite eyebrow brush or brow spoolie and spray a strong holding hairspray to the brush. Boom! Your brows won’t be going anywhere.

5 Lifestyle Hacks

  • I hate when I buy costume jewelry and the little (fake) diamonds pop out. A great way to prevent this from happening is super simple. Apply one (or two) coats of clear nail polish to your jewelry. This will lock the little diamonds in place. Remember to let the polish dry before rocking your favorite pair of studded earrings.  ***I highly recommend only using this hack for costume jewelry. I know I wouldn’t want to put nail polish on real diamonds. Those shouldn’t come off if they’re real!

5 Lifestyle Hacks

We all get pesky clumps of mascara – or is that just me? Either way, it’s not cute and it totally ruins my eyeshadow and all of my hard work. LOL The best trick? Let the mascara fully dry. I know it’s going to be hard, but don’t mess with it until it’s completely dry. Once you’ve finished your glam look, grab a Q-tip and wipe off the mascara! It’s that simple. You can also use eye remover to take off the mascara, but it would take off your eyeshadow as well. With the Q-tip hack, your eyeshadow pretty much stays on.



Did I leave any lifestyle and beauty hacks out? Let me know in the comments below!


The 10 Best Beauty Tips From My Mom To Celebrate Mother’s Day

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It’s Mother’s Day and I want to celebrate my fabulous mother by sharing her best beauty tips. My madre is one strong, smart, and sometimes sassy woman. She’s the true definition of a #Girlboss. God not only blessed me and my brother with a wonderful, fabulous mom, but he also blessed us with a great stepmom as well!

To all of the mothers out there, stay fabulous!

Happy Mother's Day


Beauty Tips:

1. Sleep 7-8 hours

2. Limit alcohol drinking to only special occasions (we all know alcohol makes your skin breakout!)

3. Use Dove Soap as a face wash (I use this every night and my skin is so soft!)

4. Never been seen in public without some makeup (True Latina!)

5. Moisturize every night (I wish I did this more)

Happy Mother's Day

6. Wear sunblock (This is a must!!! So glad she has made me do this)

7. Microdermabrasion every other month (A little fancy, but totally worth it!)

8. Dramatize your eyelashes or lips, but not both (Again, she’s such a true Latina!)

9. Always look the part (This is probably the most important. You never know who you’re going to run into)

10. Fake it until you make it (and then know your stuff)

California Dreaming: Living in Los Angeles

Exactly one year ago today, during Easter weekend, I packed my bags and drove halfway across the country. I was following a dream and taking one of the biggest risks of my life. Would I make it in LA? Or would I come crawling back to Texas? I chose to leave my home, my family, and friends to pursue a career in entertainment journalism. I wanted to be the girl who interviewed celebrities at movie premieres. I knew that I needed to be in Hollywood.

It hasn’t been easy. AT ALL.


The first day moving into our apartment.

James Cameron, the director of Avatar, lived out of his car when he moved to Los Angeles. Even though I haven’t had to rough it out like James, it’s still been tough. I don’t really like talking about it because I hate being a stereotype. I also don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me. However, if my year in review gives you the inspiration to follow your dreams, then I want to share my experience.

About two weeks before making the big move, my boyfriend and I didn’t know where we were going to live. I’m serious. We were almost homeless. No one in LA wanted to rent us a place because we hadn’t seen the apartment beforehand or because the landlords hadn’t met us. It was extremely stressful and I had so many breakouts (and breakdowns) during those two weeks. Luckily, we found an affordable apartment that was in a great area (by affordable I mean $1600 for a one bedroom/one bath. WELCOME TO LA!!!).

The night I interviewed Gina Rodriguez at the Chateau Marmont.

The night I interviewed Gina Rodriguez at the Chateau Marmont.

When I first arrived, I was really nervous. I don’t have any family in California. I only knew a handful of people, and most of them had already made their own friends and connections. It was a weird couple of months. Even after a year, I’m still not used to LA. To be honest, there are times when I don’t think I made the right decision. Sometimes I feel like I came to LA too early in my career. There are moments when I feel incompetent. Even worse, I still get insecure. However, I’ve learned that you can’t compare yourself to others. You just can’t. The more you focus on other people, the more you set yourself back.

The worst feeling in the world is thinking that you’re so great at what you do, and then you meet about 1,000 people who are just as great. I feel like Homer Simpson when he tells Bart, “No matter how good you are at something, there’s always about a million people better than you.” It can definitely feel like that when you live here. I have to remind myself that I’m just as good, if not better, as anyone else. My motto is – “Why not me?” If I don’t believe in myself, what makes me think someone else will? This is a tough business, so you have to give people a reason to take a chance on you.


California Dreamin’

I’m not gonna lie, until Feb. 2016, money was tight. Thank the Lord for blessing me with an incredible job!!! But for a whole year, I was pretty much broke. I felt like a loser most of the time. I didn’t have the money to go out for brunch or hit up clubs with friends. If anything, when I did do those things, it was considered a luxury. People asked if I saw any “cool” places in LA, but the truth is I didn’t have the money to explore. Thank God my parents helped me. I don’t think I would’ve survived without their support. Money was so tight I had to prioritize my spending – Did I want to spend money on $8 drinks or did I need to use that money for tampons? I know people have it way worse, and again, I feel blessed that my parents helped me, but I definitely had to limit my spending. I wasn’t living a glamorous life AT ALL.

I learned so much about myself this past year. I appreciate the little things, and feel so blessed to have a job where I don’t have to worry as much. I’m not banking, but I’m definitely not penny pinching.

I’ll never forget that I was able to meet and interview Gina Rodriguez. I ran into Jamie Chung at my grocery store, and saw Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis at my UPS store. I also attended the same event as Kim Kardashian, and worked at several star-studded parties. I even got hit on by Jeremy Piven. Those are just a few cool experiences I’ve had, and I can’t wait to make more memories.

A year later, I’m feeling so blessed to work with incredibly talented and fearless people. My bosses seriously inspire me everyday. I’m proud to say that I’m actually an entertainment writer. I’m doing what I love and it makes me so happy. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my boyfriend, parents, best friend, and every person who kept encouraging me. I truly appreciate everything y’all have done for me.

At Pump Restaurant!

At Pump Restaurant!

Things I’ve Learned (and I’m still working on):

  1. Don’t compare yourself to anyone!
  2. Be confident in whatever you do.
  3. Help others because you will need help.
  4. Follow your dreams, no matter how challenging it can be.
  5. It’s okay to cry – but crying isn’t productive, so you have to make up for lost time.
  6. Always be kind.
  7. Keep challenging yourself.
  8. Keep working on your craft.
  9. Never stop looking for the perfect tacos.
  10. Dream big!

Despite facing several challenges my first year in LA, I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Life After College: A Collection of Thoughts One Week After Graduation


My whole life I’ve known what was going to happen next. After elementary comes middle school after middle school comes high school and after high school comes college. BUT, after college comes….. ummm I HAVE NO IDEA!

I have an idea of the kind of job I want, but finding it and actually getting it, is another story. What if I land a job that I end up hating? How will I work for 5 days a week when I could barely work 3 for my internship?

The thing is… I’m scared of the unknown. I absolutely hate not knowing.

These are how I spent my days one week after graduation:

Day 1: Sunday

Did nothing but sleep, clean and eat. I slept in, cleaned up a bit of my mess, unpacked some of my stuff, showered and ate Torchy’s Tacos (the best meal EVER). I even watched The Matrix, a movie I had never seen, watched a couple of Mindy Project episodes, and went grocery shopping. Boring. I’ve become so boring. I did nothing, nada, zip. I guess I better enjoy it before I have to start working full time.

Day 2: Monday

I woke up at noon. It felt great to not hear the sound of an alarm pounding in my ear. I showered, and made myself breakfast/lunch, which was a healthy choice of strawberries and apples cut up into little baby slices. I took off two movies that were on my Netflix list, which felt like a relief. After watching Drinking Buddies, I started looking into housing in Los Angeles, and was quickly disappointed and distraught. The prices are ridiculous. Who can seriously afford to pay $2,000 a month? Crap. So I immediately turned to food for some comfort and finished my boyfriend’s Chips Ahoy. I felt even more terrible for stress eating, and feeling like a fatty, I decided to make soup. I looked at the number on the scale, and to my surprise, it brightened my day. I had more room for cookies. When my boyfriend finally came home from work, we watched Twin Peaks and afterwards, I went to Marshalls to find some  perfume. Body spray quickly fades, and since I’m entering the working world soon, I figured it’s time to buy grown up perfume. I also bought cozy socks. The boyfriend and I also played a new Laura Croft video game, which I think is my new favorite. I ate a midnight snack, a grilled cheese sandwich to refuel my engine from all that gaming. I weighed myself  again, and it was still surprisingly an okay number. I’ve officially become a bum who just eats, sleeps, and repeats.

Day 3: Tuesday

 Woke up even later today… at 1 pm. In order to feel productive, I did some laundry and caught up on American Horror Story: Freakshow. The episodes were fantastic! I felt like a loser though after binge watching tv and decided to get my life together, kinda. I researched entertainment broadcast journalists and read their biography’s to see what jobs they gained after college. Being a journalist is so hard. There’s no solid path and everyone has a different journey, with different experiences that led them to where they are today. I learned that some journalists started in small markets while others were lucky enough to land something in a large market. Now I’m stuck on whether or not I should start small or start big. I guess I should write some pros and cons. I ate Jimmy Johns today, which is my favorite chain so that was probably the best thing that happened to me today.

Day 4: Wednesday

Today started out differently, I woke up early and by early I mean at 11:30. I had lunch with my boyfriend at Chipotle (delicious) and I was in such a great mood that I went thrift shopping. I found myself a faux fur coat for $6.99. Probably the greatest purchase ever.


Day 5: Thursday

I decided that enough was enough. I started researching broadcast paths. I came across an article featuring Catt Sadler, the E! News correspondent that really inspired me to chase my dreams and to work hard for  them. I also stumbled across an article featuring Alex Curry, which highlighted her broadcast path, too. There was something so reassuring and motivational from reading their stories and learning about their experiences. I feel inspired and I feel driven to reach my goals to become an entertainment TV reporter. Stay tuned for some of my new ideas! Also, Catt Sadler retweeted and replied to my tweet, which feels like a sign that everything is going to work out and fall into place.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 2.02.28 PM

Day 6: Friday

I continue to wake up at noon, and at this point, I don’t care. I love sleeping. I decide it’s time to spruce up my blog. I figure out which web themes fit my personality and blog aesthetic  the most and finally come across one that makes me feel happy. I add a new blog post about Lena Dunham and I add school projects on my blog, too. Today we’re celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday at Bangers, the best sausage place in Austin. We play Cranium with his friends, and I am on FIRE! This entire night makes me feel like everything is going to be all right.

Day 7: Saturday

My boyfriend and I ate at Mighty Fine, which is a great burger place. Maybe my new job should be to write about food. I love food, and I’ve missed Austin restaurants so much since I’ve been in L.A. We head to Austin Trail of Lights and everything is magical and charming. At night, I can’t help but feel like a bum. This entire week I’ve slept late, probably binge watched too many shows and ate way too much. I ask my boyfriend if he thinks I’m being a bum, and he reassures me that this is the only time I’m going to have to relax before I start working for the rest of my life. I take a deep breath, close my eyes and fall asleep.


Girl Talk: Selena Quintanilla Made More Than Just Music

As I remember what would’ve been Selena’s 43 birthday, I can’t help but reminisce about the influence she had on me, and my culture. I can still remember being a 5 year-old fangirl watching the film made in her memory on repeat. As a 21 year-old, I still do that.

The film, Selena, was a huge part of my childhood. It gave me the inspiration to become whatever I desired. Some days that meant being a performer, a waitress, or even a poet. I endlessly nagged my grandmother to sew me cute outfits that matched the ones she famously wore. Because, of course, I needed costume changes during the movie. I would rummage through my grandma’s kitchen drawers, desperately searching for her tortilla roller to use as my microphone. How could I possibly sing along with the movie without a mic?

Every day we would go to my great-grandmothers house at 5, and I would gather everyone to watch me sing my little heart out to Selena songs, using my great-grandma’s walker as my microphone and her living room as my stage. She always exclaimed “mi artista.” I share many memories with my family from listening to Selena. Actually, her music is one of the reasons I picked up on Spanish, the comprehension and reading of it. I don’t speak Spanish as fluently as I’d like, but you can catch me passionately singing and saying “el chico del apartamento 512” quickly and eloquently.

She broke many cultural and gender barriers within the Mexican-American community and outside of it. Her music allowed the world to recognize our culture, and respect it. For women, she gave us the aspiration to accomplish our goals, even if that meant entering a male-dominated profession. Her breakthrough in Tejano music, which is predominately male controlled, paved the way for future female artists as well a proving that female singers could be just as successful as men.

She was not only a trailblazer in music, but with her entire persona. For me, at least, she taught me to be beautiful on the inside just as much as the outside. She taught me that being a business woman didn’t mean giving up your life, or changing into a completely different person, but rather embracing your passion and taking control of your career goals. Her sultry outfits, and sex symbol status showed that women could be in charge of their sexuality, while also remaining classy. She showed  that women didn’t have to be ashamed of  being madly in love while also remaining independent. She proved that women could be both intelligent and goofy, while continuing to be respected and admired.

Her humility and sincerity were traits that many artists today fail to have. Today’s artists provoke attention through exposing every detail of their life, or body parts. Selena kept her integrity and was one of the rare artists who let her talent speak for itself. I hope that I can use her traits as ways to remain humble and driven. I hope that her music continues to live on for younger generations, and that her example of what a true leader is can carry on. I hope that our culture can continue to be recognized and represented in a positive light. We need more Selena’s as leaders.


My favorite Selena song:

Girl Talk: What My Short Hair Made Me Realize



When I chose to cut my hair, for more important reasons than outer beauty, a.k.a looks, I did it because I thought it would lift my spirits. I assumed that cutting my hair would also cut away my inner demons, but it only created more. It created more insecurities, mostly because of what thought society would think of me. It made me question my femininity. It made me question my appearance to the opposite sex. And most of all, it made me question how I felt about myself.

These personal issues came all because I cut my hair. How silly and insane is that?! I realized that through this haircut, I had a new and different perspective on society, on life and on myself. I wasn’t going to allow myself to fall victim to my once impulsively thrilling haircut.

This idea that women are beautiful based on long hair is bullshit. It’s honestly sad that most women would ask me in their “overly concerned” tones and ask “why I cut my beautiful long hair?” As if my hair defined me. As if I were only beautiful with long hair, when ironically, I felt more sexy and mature with my short, high fashionable haircut. That’s when I realized my appearance to men hadn’t really changed. My appearance to women did. They judged me. They pitied me.

I believe that in order for someone, especially a woman, to truly find her inner voice and to truly understand who she is, they must do something extreme. Something beyond their comfort zone that allows them to adapt into something that once seemed impossible. I think as humans and as young, curious adults we should push the boundaries and enter something that feels uncomfortable in order to experience the transformation of our creation. That way when we experience something completely and entirely new it will remain a memory, an unforgettable one.

My short hair has taught me to take more risks. It has allowed me to grow along with it. It has given me the gift of seeing my transformation as it blossoms into a new shape than what it was before. It has taught me to focus on myself. Most of all, it has given me the experience of growing as I follow my path of understanding and transformation as a 20-year-old.