5 Things I Learned from Amy Poehler’s Book


1. “Writing is hard”

Writing is hard. I love that Amy hits us with the cold, hard truth. Her writing is vibrant, charming and captivating. From her struggles to her success, she keeps you engaged and enlightened the entire time. As a writer, I feel inspired knowing I’m going to have a writing adventure, but I’m also no fool. I know I’m going to be challenged every damn day. It will all be worth it, right? Because in the end, Amy still has a book, a best selling one. I hope this first paragraph is interesting… if it isn’t, it just proves Poehler’s theory that writing is hard.

2. “I think we should stop asking people in their twenties what they ‘want to do’ and start asking them what they ‘don’t want to do.'”

I can relate to this quote on so many levels. I’ve recently graduated (so scary!) and I’m tired of answering the same old, boring questions about whether or not I’ve found a job. Let me tell you something, it’s really difficult to find an ENTERTAINMENT job, let alone during the holidays. I’m sorry. I’m cool. I’m pretty stressed out about finding a job that fits my degree. But, like Amy, I’m a power lady, and I know something will come up. As Amy told her parents when she ventured out to Chicago with only a dream and college degree, “you can be a waitress anywhere!”

Look at her now.


3. “Be Whoever You Are”

I admire anyone who preaches individuality. In high school, I admired (still do but not as much) Megan Fox, and I desperately wanted to be like her, like desperately. But reality is a cruel, cruel beast when you realize that looking like Megan Fox is going to be a failed quest. I just want to be the petite, clumsy, brown-eyed, black-haired, fair-skinned Latina. I’ve learned to accept my imperfections and have grown to love them. I don’t want to replicate any celebrity, or become the “next” whoever, instead I just want to be the one and only me.

4. Take Risks

Amy shared her story of moving to Chicago straight out of college, which resembles a little bit of my story too as I plan to move to LA. She had no idea how she was going to afford living there (well, she planned to be a waitress as mentioned before) but she moved anyway to pursue her passion. Moving so far away from home is going to be scary and lonely (good thing my boyfriend is coming with me). Not knowing where I’ll be working is tough and terrifying, and most of all, not knowing how I’m going to afford it is stressful. But, I know that LA is the place I need to be in order to fulfill my dreams. I guess I’ll just have to wing it and work hard to be successful like Amy.

5. “Change is the ONLY Constant”

Change is inevitable. If anything I know that all too well. As a recent graduate, I’m embarking on a new chapter in my life. Even though I feel I’m not ready for this change, it’s happening anyway. It’s time for me to start making “grown up” decisions about where I’m going to work and where I’m going to live. Change can be good though. I feel that it’s finally time to live out one of my dreams, which is to live in LA. I’m eager and thrilled to see where my new adventure takes me.


More wisdom from Amy.


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