Girl Talk: The Day I Met Mindy Kaling

Today started out like any other day. I snoozed the alarm twice, changed my outfit too many times and got into work just on time. Lunch came by quickly, and I knew that I needed to switch things up. Today I wouldn’t eat a TV dinner. Today I wouldn’t eat a boring salad. No. I wanted something a little more exciting. I wanted to checkout the Backlot Cafe to scope out the talent at Universal Studios.

I ordered the deli style chicken salad, and it was DELICIOUS. Before I knew it, my friend pointed out that Mindy Kaling… YES… THE MINDY KALING was walking by in adorable green pajamas and fuzzy slippers. She was walking with Ike Barinholtz. I didn’t see much of her face, but I saw most of her beautifully, vivacious hair. I was so ecstatic! I was screaming and jumping on the inside, but played it so cool on the outside as if a bird just flew by.

As I struggled to take another bite in my big, full sandwich, Mindy Kaling and Chris Messina walked by… AGAIN! And this time Mindy and I made eye contact. She caught me, mid bite, eating my sandwich. She even smiled!!! Then, Chris (first name basis by now) looked my way and I just knew that maybe the way I was eating my sandwich must have been weird. I don’t even know how I looked. I do know that I was staring and trying to eat at the same time.

I’ll never forget the day that Mindy Kaling smiled at me while I tried eating my sandwich!


kinda. sorta.

kinda. sorta.

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